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Internet sites from one end of the globe to the other.














E-Auctions -Amazon, Auction Addict, E Bay, Next TagU bid, Yahoo Auction, Craigslist


Online Utilities -Backup data online, iBackup, Trend Micro Virus Scan, Shields Up Security Check, Internet Speed Test 1,

Internet Speed Test 2, Shields Up, Temperature Conversion


Online Applications -Evite, Intranets, Think Free Office, Onvantage, Metric Stream


E-Jump Points -About, CEO Express, My Go, Neat Net Tricks, Starting Point


Web Broadcasts -Daily baseball broadcasts


Internet Services -RegisterBetter Whois, Who Is, Network Solutions Register a Domain, TinyURL, MX Toolbox

Shipment Tracking -UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, PackTrack


 Spam Combat - Spamhaus, Postini Spam Filtering, MX Toolbox


 Connectivity -Broadband Reports


E-Cards/Flowers -123 Greetings, American Greetings, Blue Mountain, Flowgo, HallmarkVirtual Flowers


On Line PC Support - KeenInformit,, Tech Republic 


Scanners and Cameras -Cam Central, CamaradesEarthcams, Win Cam


Free Services

Web Host/Email: Angelfire

Internet Connection: NetZero, Juno 

Email/v-mail/fax:  Onebox, Efax, Gmail

Chat: Mirc, ICQ  

Win Money: FreeLotto, sandbox, Gamesville

Internet Name: NameZero
Instant Message, Surveys, chats:  AOL Instant Messanger

Media Players: Real, QuickTime
Internet Harddrive: Dropbox

Dictionary/Encyclopedia: WikiPedia

Blogging: Create Your Own Blog, LiveJournal


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